Monday, May 25, 2009

Wajah Baru

Adakah anda suka dengan imej baru blog saya ini??? Maaflah saya tidak menjumpai gambar template yang berteraskan magnetto


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saya sukaaa....

Firstly, I would like to thanks to those who email, PM at forum, leave message in my shoutbox... seriously I would not thought that I'll received a very overwhelming order and also friendship offered by the dearest FM Collector :)

I am trying to get more magnetto to be included in my lil store. However, I can't guarantee that the price will be little too. Since all the magnets I bought from Ebay US and not pesan pesan kat kengkawan yang pi oversea since unluckily I dont have may friends who is going or staying outside Malaysia :)

And also, even I can get magnet from the same country...again, I cant promise that the price will be the same :( due to there is possibility that I need to acquire it from different seller. Thus, they offer different price and shipping yang ermmm sometimes agak ridicilous. Thats why me kene review again, search again, screen again..just to make sure that I can get a good price not only for me, but also for the customer. And also sometimes I need to negotiate with the seller regarding...well, mostly about the shipping cost lah. Hihihi...

And to monitor the shipping track...fuh, macam free benar masa kat opis nie yer. Hahaha. BTW, I'm glad that there is a few of you yang sanggup stick to my lil kedai nie :)

Insya Allah there is more to come :) Just be patient and wait...OK!

P/S: Saper yang pakai nick ZZ at my shoutbox tuh yer. Please email me dear... I think I can get the FMs yang you idamkan tu :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poland Magnetto

No.: 018 & 019
Cherita: Exchange dengan FM collector from Poland

Las Vegas Magnetto

No.: 017
Cherita: Beli from Ebay

Singapore Magnetto II

No.: 014, 015 & 016
Cherita: My officemate went to Singapore and all I got was this lousy magnet :)

Canada Magnetto

No.: 013
Cherita: Sebenarnya FM nie ada dua. Tapi ada sorang customer yang email pasal FM Ukraine, tapi sebab dah sold out and dia tanya plak apa yang available, me pon rela let go satu FM Canada nie dengan harapan untuk menambah kenalan yang sesama minat FM :)

Singapore Magnetto

No.: 011 & 012
Cherita: Inilah FM yang Ratu bagi from Singapore. Cantik kan? Kalau tengok in real life, lagik cantikkk!!! Menyayat hati gituh :)

Ukraine Magnetto

No.: 010
Cherita: Beli from Ebay, sebenarnya beli dua. Yang satu lagi kat bawah nie me exchange dengan Ratu from Singapore. Ratu nie baik sangat2 tau...dia offer untuk bagi FM Singapore walaupon me takde any fridge magnet untuk exchange dengan dia.

Digiman Magnetto

No.: 007, 008 & 009
Cherita: Beli from Digi Centre selepas berkenan sangat2 bila tengok lam blog GH

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dah sampai!!!!!

Yeayyyyy.....dah sampai!!! Siler senyum sampai ke telinga :D

Owh yer saya ada sebarisan setem from Ukraine. Ada sesiapa nak ker? Saya bleh bagi sekali :)

Pape please email me at

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Collection

Sikit ajerkan? Kene usaha dengan gigih lagi nie :)

China Panda Magnetto

No.: 005 & 006
Cherita: Beli from Ebay

Florida Magnetto

No.: 004
Cherita: Beli from Ebay

Playhouse Disney Magnetto

No.: 003
Cherita: Beli from WMC

Disneyland Magnetto

No.: 002
Cherita: Beli from WMC

Arsenal Magnetto

No: 001
Cherita: Beli kat Anggerik Mall masa pi jenjalan lepas balik keje semalam